I Have Returned

I’ve decided to come back to the blogging world. With less then six months to go for my wedding, I really want to start keeping a record of the rest of my journey to wife-hood. (Is that a word? Probably not). I’m finally getting to that point where I am just ready to be married, I’m sure every soon to be bride experiences these feelings. Although as the summer approaches, I know how much fun these next few months of single-dom will be. (Once again. Probably not a word). Most of the stress of wedding planning is beginning to fade away as I’ve booked the big stuff, I’ve got food, music and booze. In my opinion, that’s all you need for a good time. Oh, and the dress. Let’s not forget the dress. I have that too. So worst case scenario, I think we could make this work.



I’m getting married on October 4th. Snicks proposed to me on May 21st 2013. Once Snicks proposed to me, it was the first and the easiest decision for us to pick out a wedding date. I wanted a fall wedding and he’s a dispatcher at a police station. (10-4. Get it? Get it?). The next day, we visited our priest and put the day in the calender and choose our reception venue. Who ever said this wedding stuff was hard?

I am getting married at St. Mary of Ostrabrama in South River, NJ. I was torn between getting married at St. Mary’s, where my family currently attends and another church close by where both my mother and grandmother were married. The deciding factor was how much I loved my priest at St Mary’s. I hear a lot of horror stories from those involved with some churches but Father Michael has been a dream. He’s Polish and he loves his kielbasi and his alcohol. As a fellow Polak myself, how could I not love him?

The church is beautiful and I’m proud to say that my great grandfather helped build it and my grandfather attended the church when he was just a little boy. So it still holds a sentimental value.




How did you decide your wedding date? How did you decide where you want to get married?  For all those single ladies, do you know where you want to get married?


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