The Engagement Photos.

Snicks and I decided on the location of our engagement photos pretty early on. We both attended Moravian College (Go Hounds!), where we met and fell in love. Cue the romantic music. Snicks played football and I played basketball, so we were very involved with the student life aspect in our college as well. Our college is one of the oldest colleges in the country and some of the buildings and architecture are absolutely gorgeous. It’s one of those things where you take for granted how beautiful your campus is until you go to other campuses and you’re like, this is it?


 Moravian College

The question was, who was going to take our engagement photos? Unlike most people, photos aren’t really a high priority of mine.  While I absolutely love all of the photography coming out nowadays, I really just need a few photos to hang in my house afterwards. It was the same way with our engagement photos. I just wanted a few cute ones and enough for our Save the Dates. My father has been into photography for awhile so Snicks and I decided to save some money and ask my dad to do our engagement photos.







Before we even got engaged, I pinned about twenty pictures of Save the Dates with the jersey style. Snicks and I are big football fans. Okay, Snicksis a big football fan and I like to wear the jerseys and feel like part of the action. So within a few months of our engagement, we bought two jerseys for about thirty dollars.

save the date view

Masterpiece Weddings

And where else to take these photos, then at the football field where Snicks played for Moravian College? Bethlehem as a whole is just a gorgeous place and I knew we could get some gorgeous engagement photos and the photos for our Save the Dates as well.

engagement pic 008


engagement pic 007

 engagement pic 004

engagement pic 003


Where did you take your engagement photos? Did you find a creative way to tell your guests to Save the Date?


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