Bling Bling Bling, I got the Ring

Snicks and I checked another To do off our list. We have a “To Do” list every month that we try to get completed in order to get everything done in a timely manner (We have yet to finish anything on time). Getting our wedding rings was one of the few things we had to do in May so it was nice to check it off our list nice and early. Snicks got my ring at Zales and he had a coupon for up to 35% off until next Sunday. He works next weekend so we thought it would be for the best to get them done now. I am foreign to the idea of a budget but going into it, I was hoping to stay under a thousand dollars when it came to our rings.

First up was Snicks. He is probably the easiest and hardest person to shop for at the same time. He’s very simple and easy to please but he never loves anything. We headed towards the men’s rings. Nick has giant hands so he (we) decided that a thicker band would be better. He was attracted to the Tungsten and the woman told us that this was a great ring for guys because it’s much more durable and harder then regular silver. 

He tried on several rings but kept going back to the same one. I asked him if he was ready to wear this ring for the rest of his life. He promptly told me “I like it.” Which is Snicks speak is, “I love this ring.” 

I, of course, forgot to take photos, so I stole the ones from the Zales’ website.

Nick’s Ring /

Next it was my turn. I told Nick later that this was probably the easiest sale that this woman ever had to make. She showed me a few rings and the first one she showed me, I knew it was the one. My engagement ring is a bit big and has a few different features and I wanted a smaller wedding band.

My Ring /

It’s not the exactly same ring but it’s close enough so you can get an idea. I really enjoyed shopping at Zales, the people are friendly and very helpful. The prices are reasonable, especially if you can find a coupon or go during a time when they have a sale. Nick’s ring came out to 373.43 and mine was around 596.50. So we were just below our 1,000 dollar budget. After ring shopping, I rewarded Snicks with some pretzels from Auntie Anne’s. (I ate half because I was proud of myself too).



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