How it All Began

Many people have a romantic story about how the love of their life got down on one knee and finally proposed. I figured out, very early in my relationship that Snicks was not this person. He’s very quiet, laid back and gets embarrassed very easily in situations where the attention is on him. It just wouldn’t be his style to go all out with a proposal. When Nick did propose, I had no idea it was going to happen. While I always knew that I was going to marry Nick, I figured it was still a year or two off. Not that I’m complaining. So when he finally did pop the question, I was in complete shock.


The day it happened, I went over Nick’s house earlier that day because he had a dinner at his firehouse that night. He asked me if I wanted to watch a movie in his room and we went to go pick out a movie. Now, I should have known that something was up when Snicks actually picked The Incredibles out for us to watch. The Incredibles is my all time favorite Pixar movie (We’re finally getting a sequel. Whoop Whoop.) When we first started dating, every time I came over to visit, we would watch the Incredibles. This went on for months until Snicks finally put the ax on my beloved movie. So when he asked if I wanted to watch it, I was over the moon that my sweet, sensitive boyfriend would want to sit through a movie that he knew that I loved.

We headed upstairs, popped in the movie and were laying in bed. We hung for a while and then Snicks started talking. In my own little world, you are only allowed to start talking during movies if I am talking during movies. I gave him a few dirty looks but he continued to talk. Our exchange went like this:

“Hey Amie?”


“Are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life with me?”

“Yes, yes. Now shhh. The movie is on.”

Snicks takes out a ring box, opens it up and goes, “Will you?”

I look at the box, look at him and then back at the box before promptly responding, “If this is a joke, we’re breaking up.”

I then proceeded to lay in his bed, hyperventilating from the shock as he waited for my answer. Of course, it was a yes and I was so excited to finally be engaged. I called my mother and I picked out a wedding date ten minutes later. While it wasn’t the most romantic proposal on earth, it fit us as a couple perfectly. Snicks was actually planning on asking me to a month later when we went on vacation with all of our friends but he didn’t want to wait. We recently just celebrated a year being engaged and it’s crazy to think we’re finally coming up on our wedding!

How did he propose? How did you react?


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