About Me

Hello there.

You know that obscenely tall, awkward girl that you may randomly encounter in your travels? If you’re in Jersey, it’s probably me.

546068_10151224051303669_809492688_nThe chicken wing pose is my fave

I’m Amie. A twenty four year old, college graduate with dreams of becoming a romance writer and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while doing it. More times than not, the healthy life style goes out the window but I always try to look at tomorrow as another day. I am a giant fan of food, the cheesier and greasier the better. Running happens to be my favorite way to exercise and only recently have I began to include strength training into my routine. I consider myself a fitness newbie although I’ve played sports for most of my life. I have always considered myself healthy because of the sports I’ve played my whole life although I am borderline overweight. It wasn’t until my fiance’ lost eighty pounds, I started to realize that I could and should be doing more.

Speaking of my fiance. I am newly engaged to my best friend and the love of my life. I call him Snicks.


He asked me to marry him on May 21st 2013. He brought the ring out and the first thing I said was, “If this is a joke, I’m going to be mad.” Needless to say, it wasn’t a joke and I’m currently planning my wedding for October 2014.

Running and I have had an on and off relationship for quite some time. I’ve always had commitment issues when it came to exercise. For most of my life, the only exercise I participated in was sports. Graduating college was a big wake up call for me. Now that I wasn’t actively participating in sports and I was sitting in an office all day, I knew there needed to be a change for me to stay healthy.

I’ve been doing 5Ks for quite some time although I participated in the Rock n’ Roll Philadelphia half marathon last summer. It was my first and only half marathon to date and I’m excited to start training for another. This summer, Snicks and I did an 8K in Colonial Williamsburg. I highly recommend it. I’m also planning on doing a Warrior Dash 3 mile race in August filled with obstacles.


My first half marathon!

I’m also a writer. My life goal for as long as I remember is to publish a romance novel. I’ve been working on my first book for a few months and I’m almost halfway done. The corporate world is not something that I enjoy and I know that in order for me to find out what I’m supposed to be when I grow up, that I need to actively pursue my writing. I’m an active participator in NaNoWriMo for as long as I can remember. For you non-nerdy types, that stands for National Novel Writing Month. It takes place in November and it challenges you write 50,000 words in a month. Quantity not quality my friends!

Most nights I spend with my mom on the couch with a Blue Moon and watching trashy reality tv shows. (Housewives of NJ, Bad girls club, Bridezillas. You name it, I watch it). While I’m more of a homebody, I am known to have a few crazy nights out on the town with these clowns.

21355_10151744418323669_2139462016_nThis picture is the story of our friendship

All in all, I want this blog to be a place where I share my successes and failures in my quest for a healthy life along with the trials and tribulations of an aspiring writer. If all else fails, I want this to be a place I can come back to a few years from now to get a few laughs and relive a few memories.

Thank you for visiting The Jersey Amazon


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