Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Asking all my favorite girls to be in my bridal party was one of the easier things I had to do. Let’s be honest, a girl has her bridal party picked out from day one. At least I did. I’m one of the first girls in my group of friends to get married and all of my friends are super excited to hear every detail. Which is nice because I am always so willing to show everyone every single one of my ideas and expect a chorus of “oohs” and “ahhs” after them. Okay, I’m a little excited for my wedding and to have my besties just as excited is the best feeling in the world. We actually picked out my bridesmaid dresses before I even decided on a dress. I already had an idea of what I wanted for my girls, plum bridesmaid dresses, short. Any style will do. Same designer. Easy right?

On oneĀ of my dress excursions I came upon the designer that I wanted. Perfect plum color, short dresses. I even demanded that my mother try on a few to send to my girls. Okay let’s be honest, my mother wanted in on the action too.



While I do love the idea of identical dresses, I have eight girls in my bridal party. Two are 6’0 tall, two are 5’0. We’ve got well endowed girls and not so well endowed girls. I wanted everyone to feel comfortable in their dresses and I knew it was unrealistic to select a dress and have everyone agree on it. I told the girls that I wanted to choose between two and three styles that complimented them from the same designer and that we should try to get a symmetrical look going. The last thing I wanted was six girls with one dress and two girls with the other.

When we got to the place, chaos ensued. A few of my girls struggled to find dresses in their sizes (it was the boobs), my obnoxious bridesmaid was yelling and behaving in typical fashion. Dresses were being thrown everywhere and nick’s sisters who are on the shyer side, just stood there in shock. A few girls tried on dresses they liked and it appeared that we were getting somewhere. Until one of my bridesmaids walked out of the room in a dress we all hadn’t expected. Girl after girl tried on the dress and I suddenly felt like I was the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – Wedding Issue. It had a one strap to support my larger chested girls, it had a sweetheart neckline to appease my strapless girls. It had a waistband to hide the places you wanted to hide and long enough for my tall girls. Everyone decided it was there number one dress except one girl and I politely told her that sorry not sorry. She was not that special. (She loved the dress and looks amazing in anything so don’t think it was a hard sell). And our dresses were chosen.

Bridesmaid Ally did not want to remove the dress so she eagerly volunteered to be the model for the dresses.



We talked to the seamstress and she explained to us that it would be easy to remove the flowers so imagine this dress sans flowers and in the plum color showed above. All in all, I absolutely love the dress and had an easier time picking out bridesmaid dresses for my girls. The dresses were originally $215 and the owner took off 20 dollars for the bulk purchase. The dresses came to about $195 dollars plus alterations are included. I highly recommend finding a place that includes their alterations with the purchase of a dress, it makes life so much easier!!

Did you have an easy time selecting bridesmaid dresses? How did you decide on long or short? Matching or mixed?