How it All Began

Many people have a romantic story about how the love of their life got down on one knee and finally proposed. I figured out, very early in my relationship that Snicks was not this person. He’s very quiet, laid back and gets embarrassed very easily in situations where the attention is on him. It just wouldn’t be his style to go all out with a proposal. When Nick did propose, I had no idea it was going to happen. While I always knew that I was going to marry Nick, I figured it was still a year or two off. Not that I’m complaining. So when he finally did pop the question, I was in complete shock.


The day it happened, I went over Nick’s house earlier that day because he had a dinner at his firehouse that night. He asked me if I wanted to watch a movie in his room and we went to go pick out a movie. Now, I should have known that something was up when Snicks actually picked The Incredibles out for us to watch. The Incredibles is my all time favorite Pixar movie (We’re finally getting a sequel. Whoop Whoop.) When we first started dating, every time I came over to visit, we would watch the Incredibles. This went on for months until Snicks finally put the ax on my beloved movie. So when he asked if I wanted to watch it, I was over the moon that my sweet, sensitive boyfriend would want to sit through a movie that he knew that I loved.

We headed upstairs, popped in the movie and were laying in bed. We hung for a while and then Snicks started talking. In my own little world, you are only allowed to start talking during movies if I am talking during movies. I gave him a few dirty looks but he continued to talk. Our exchange went like this:

“Hey Amie?”


“Are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life with me?”

“Yes, yes. Now shhh. The movie is on.”

Snicks takes out a ring box, opens it up and goes, “Will you?”

I look at the box, look at him and then back at the box before promptly responding, “If this is a joke, we’re breaking up.”

I then proceeded to lay in his bed, hyperventilating from the shock as he waited for my answer. Of course, it was a yes and I was so excited to finally be engaged. I called my mother and I picked out a wedding date ten minutes later. While it wasn’t the most romantic proposal on earth, it fit us as a couple perfectly. Snicks was actually planning on asking me to a month later when we went on vacation with all of our friends but he didn’t want to wait. We recently just celebrated a year being engaged and it’s crazy to think we’re finally coming up on our wedding!

How did he propose? How did you react?


How This Story Began

Snicks and I don’t have the most romantic how we met story out there. We weren’t high school sweethearts, it wasn’t love at first sight. Actually, we had quite a few bumps in the beginning. We met in the basement of the football house I lived next to my sophomore year of college. His freshman year. There were two weeks left to the semester. (It was a Tuesday and the last full week of classes. What can I say we were party animals.) My friends were dancing with guys and I was just standing there like the awkward turtle I am. My MOH glanced at me and was like “Go find someone to dance with.” And in my drunken haze, I found Snicks and we danced all night. (This is what I was able to piece together from my own fuzzy mind and stories from my friends.) When the party ended, the lights came on, Snicks and I were still dancing awkwardly. If that’s not love in the making, I don’t know what is.

Our first photo together.

I gave him my phone number and the next night he texted me asking what I was doing. I told him I was going out again (Like I said, party animals) and he told me he was going to Philadelphia to visit a friend. Years later he finally admitted that was a lie and I like to remind him of this constantly. That summer we stayed in touch, texted everyday constantly and hung out a few times a month. We spent all summer together and when school started again, I gave him an ultimatum that he had to ask me to be his girlfriend or I won’t be his friend anymore. It was a little dramatic but I was twenty and I needed some results. The next time he saw me, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I, of course, accepted. I was so surprised.

We face two big challenges in the beginning of our relationship that finally cemented us into a couple. I still complain about them to this day. One, it took Snicks months to actually say hello to me in the cafeteria. (He’s super shy by the way and I’m super not). And he would walk out of the cafeteria without saying hello or goodbye to me. We went to small college so we frequently saw each other in the cafeteria at dinnertime. I, of course called him out on this several times before “nothing” morphed into a wave. Then by the end of the year he was coming over to my friends and saying hello. In his defense, he didn’t know any of my friends at the time and as he got to know my friends, he became more comfortable coming over to the table. But still, always say goodbye to your girlfriend at the dinner table. Glad we got past that.


Two. He wouldn’t make me his Facebook girlfriend. Sure, now it sounds silly but this was when Facebook was still the “it” thing to do and everyone asked if you two were Facebook official. I sent him the invite to be my boyfriend a few days after we were official and he ignored it. Luckily he didn’t deny it but still. Ignored it. Weeks later, Snicks and I were still Facebook unofficial. My friends and I decided to go to the Twilight midnight premiere (Twilight was still a thing back then) and Snicks texted me to come back to his room to hang out afterwards. How our campus works is we have a main campus and a South Campus about a mile apart from each other. Snicks lived on South Campus and I lived on main. So I receive this romantic text asking Snicks to see me and of course I have my friends drop me off at South Campus while they head back to Main Campus. I swipe into his building and start calling him/knocking on the door. No answer. He fell asleep. 

Now I am car-less on South Campus, there are no shuttles and I have no place to go. The smart thing would be to call one of my friends to come get me but I needed to make a point. I left him a text and a voice mail calmly explaining to him that I was walking back to Main Street, on the dangerous streets of Bethlehem, on my own. In the rain. Needless to say, the next morning Snicks was at the door of my house with an everything bagel and he confirmed our Facebook status. The rest my friends, is history.

To be honest, now that I think about it, they are sort of ridiculous stories but that still make me laugh.

Do you have any quirky stories about when you first started dating? How long till you or he made it Facebook official?


I put the Do It in DIY

Going into my wedding, I decided that I really wanted to have some thoughtful touches throughout the wedding to make people “oh that’s sweet”. Now, I’m not getting my hopes up and I do realize that 80% of the wedding won’t care or notice any of these classic touches but I am still determined to make them! I’ve added a few DIY projects to my list, the first being my centerpieces and table numbers. My inspiration for this came from, where else, Pintrest. Seriously, how did people plan weddings before it?



I have a few tweaks to the centerpieces, so it’s not exactly the picture showed but I do love the wood slices and the twine wrapped bottle. Luckily, Snick’s dad’s best friend actually cuts down trees, so he was able to cut up about thirty slices for us. This happened a few months ago and they have just been sitting in Snick’s bedroom, waiting to be sanded. I decided pretty quicklt that I did not want to use the wood piece as a table number. Instead went back to Pintrest (And for inspiration.


I love the idea of using burlap as the fabric behind the numbers. The hardest part of this was finding the numbers. Most of these DIYs for this are a few years old and the numbers have been discontinued in quite a few places. So I turned to the internet and found Craft Cuts. Here you can choose the font and the size of your wooden numbers. I ended up ordering the Baltic Birch Wooden Numbers. I used the font Whimsical and had my numbers made at three inches and and 1/8 inch thick. I ordered 48 numbers at $1.35 each plus 8.95 shipping and handling. Luckily, I had a twenty percent discount and got the wooden numbers for $60.79. Not too shabby if you ask me.

When it came down to frames, Snicks and I headed over to the dollar store. We decided to go cheap since we’d be painting them anyway. We (I) struggled with choosing 4×6 frames or 5×8 frames for the table numbers. Like always, we decided bigger was better and went with the 5×8 frames. I’m glad we did, the numbers do not look squished together which would have happened if we went with 4×6. So we picked up some black, plain frames and headed to the cash register. The only thing that stunk was that they didn’t have thirty of all the same style, so we had to go with a few different ones. That makes it eclectic, right?

Making them was pretty simple, just a bit tedious to make thirty frames. I did this during Christmas time so I poured myself a glass of wine, put on the Hallmark movie channel and had myself a nice little time.



The hardest part was painting the frame, I had to go over them once or twice since the frames were black. I thought about spray painting them but I wanted to have some of the black coming through, giving it a bit more of a vintage view. I also painted all of the numbers twice as well. After a few frames were painted and dried, I took the back of the frame and mod podged the burlap to the back of the frame. I hot glued the numbers to the burlap and BAM, I was done. It took a little longer then I expected but with the help of wine, I got them all done in a night. All thirty of them.


The Price:
Wooden Numbers: $60.79
Acrylic Paint: $8:00
Frames: $31.20
Burlap: $5.00

So it cost around 3.50 to make each table number. Which I am happy with since I budgeted around 5.00 for each table number.

What did you do for your table numbers? Did you use numbers or something more creative?