Do Me A Favor

Unlike most of my wedding decisions, I went back and forth on the ideas of favors for my guests. My biggest pet peeve as a wedding guest is when the bride gives out thoughtless dollar store favors and you throw it out the minute you get home. Or worse, you keep it, feeling guilty for throwing out whatever she gave you. I really loved the idea of a popcorn bar. My mom’s best friend attended a wedding a few months back and they had a popcorn bar. It was the perfect amount of rustic that I was going for. I also loved the idea of feeding your guests after a long night of partying it out on the dance floor. After a few months of thinking about the popcorn bar, I came to several conclusions. One, the popcorn bar would work perfectly as a small wedding but with over 300 people on my wedding list, the popcorn bar could become more of a hassle then anything. Also, I began to have nightmares of my drunken friends tossing popcorn at each other in the shuttle on the way back to the hotel. Yes, they act like they are ten years old. My mom is still finding ham from my graduation party lunch meat fight.  Finally, at the end of the night, our banquet manager is also a personal friend and the last thing I want her to be worrying about is our stupid popcorn bar.

popcorn bar

So my genius idea of a popcorn bar was soon thrown out the window. While searching for favor ideas, I came across DIY hot chocolate on Wedding Paper Divas blog. I thought it was the cutest idea and if I was ever to have a winter wedding, this would be my favor of choice. Then I thought about it. My wedding is in the fall, couldn’t hot chocolate be considered a favor option. Then it hit me, pumpkin spice anything is a very popular flavor during the fall, what about pumpkin spice hot chocolate?


Wedding Paper Divas

Obviously, I have not tried out my idea yet and will write a post about the creation of my pumpkin spice hot chocolate but I did test out the packaging! I bought the mason jars from an online store. The lace burlap I got from Michael’s and the tag I got from the etsy shop TheLovebirdPress. I love all of their tags and printables and highly recommend them.



Personal Photo


I wasn’t sure how I would hand these out but I decided they would just enhance the look of our tables. So I’ve decided to place them at each setting for each couple. Another trend that I love is the mason jars for each guest to drink out of. I think this is adorable and such a great idea. A few months ago, I bought 280 mason jars with handles. I’m waiting until we get closer to the wedding but I also purchased chalkboard tags for the jars as well from LakeEffectTreasury. If you’re going to be ordering a lot like I did, I would recommend contacting her for your own listening. She even threw in a couple extra which I really appreciated.

The final look of the mason jar glasses looked like this:

maosn jar



I also made the flags myself! (Another post for another day) I struggled with purchasing paper straws because I had a friend who used them for her wedding and they disintegrated before the first drink. Obviously they’re more for looks then actual use but I wanted them to last at least a drink or two. I bought my straws from (where else?) etsy! I bought them from BakersBlingShop and when I tested them out, they got a little mushy after a few drinks but all in all, it was successful!

I plan to have these mason jars all sitting on a table so guests can grab them when they walk in! I know we have two favors instead of one, but it means a lot to me to have gifts that our friends will enjoy to thank them for celebrating our special day with us!

What are your favor ideas? Are you DIY-ing or are you buying them? Did you decide to go the edible route?